Welcome to Spade Tickets

The service which helps you to construct websites for the sale of online tickets to events or bookable services to be hosted in either physical locations or virtual spaces.

The ability to sell an unlimited number of tickets

completely online and unlike our competitors, we will not take any commission for this service so all ticket revenues belong to you.

Our ticket selling service is highly compatible

with a wide range of services to improve the experience of ticket sellers and their customers. These services range from financial service providers like PayPal, Stripe, and Square; to virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom and RealBridge to accounting software in the form of Xero which helps consumers keep a track of their business.

We also offer a wide range of extra utilities that

allow you to manage your events. This includes seating arrangements, the purchasing of refreshments, one-time or recurring use tickets, online calendar notifications, order verification emails, custom ticket designs and more.


Our Team has a highly capable group of designers

who can develop websites tailored to a wide range of professions. We can help you and your company develop a unified brand to market your products. We will also help guide you on how to market your business on other platforms such as Google and Facebook.

We are committed to a sustainable future

At Spade Tickets, we wish to preserve the natural world for future generations. So we have dedicated ourselves to becoming a business which is completely powered by renewable energy.

Our current efforts towards this goal include using 100% renewable energy for our website hosting servers and the complete transition of our company to electric vehicles.

We host our websites at British Data Centres

At Spade Tickets, you can rest assured that your data is secure and subject to UK laws (such as GDPR) as we store our websites at Tier 1 security British data centres.