The Ultimate solution for your... offers your organisation or club the ability to manage the sale of tickets (spaces) in events (sessions) to ensure a cashless secure transaction ensuring attendance at these events are recorded, pre-paid and attendee details already captured in this post COVID world. It also supports sale and management of other merchandise and memberships all in an easy to use, mobile friendly website. DO NOT take a % of your sales unlike almost all our competitors.


Returning to your club or restarting your business post COVID-19 is made safer through the use of online and digital payments.

The use of cash is now a problem as it has potential to spread the virus and as everyone is keen to minimise risk, there is no need to handle cash. Going completely cashless solves all these problems.


We accept payment through the use of our E-commerce site.

We provide a quick and easy purchase experience for our customers by allowing them to schedule services on their computer, tablet and smartphone.

 Currently Spade Tickets is a specially designed platform for bridge and other social clubs, however, it can also support any type of E-commerce which requires ticketing or booking of sessions. 

Everything you need from in the palm of your hands!



Allows your customers to book attendance at sessions or events.

Automatically produce invoices sent straight to your  customers email.

We allow secure payments by various methods compliant with the payment card industries requirements.

We can accept payments through:

Stripe (Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer), PayPal, Square (Credit/Debit Cards)

None of your sales income is processed by meaning we do not even see it, never mind take a cut from it (it all goes directly to the card merchant and then to your bank.)


(Saving you costs)

We understand credit card fees are a pain, for our larger packages we offer the functionality to allow people to pre-pay and have managed store credit. 

This allows you to keep operational card costs to a minimum, whilst enabling small transactional values to take place for events.

This feature has already saved our current clients £100’s if not £1000’s per year.


Spade Tickets is an innovative platform that give a calendar and list view of all your bookings and events which you can manage digitally.

Our features include online bookings that members can access on their accounts, on any device!

Event organisers can see who is booked to come. 


Bookkeepers and/or Treasurers can see all finances involved in one place! – and we can integrate with Xero*

*add-on licence required


You can setup the system to have an app based check-in so that you can mark people arrived on-site (Android or iPhone)

Display of events can be shown in a calendar.

The system can also be used for Club Membership Renewals, again reducing administration.

Membership or subscription renewals can even be automated and money collected automatically*

*add-on licence required


Get in touch! - Let us help you.

All this included in every package


  • Secure external hosting.

  • Software provision, plus initial software configuration.

  • We also include minor customisations, such as logo, images, banks and card settings – all is automatically included in the annual fee.

  • An online training and setup microsite and email support.